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[Joseph Sy]之室內設計作品參考: Living Office - 生活辦公室

(Joseph Sy室內設計作品) <<Living Office>> is people-or

 之室內設計作品: Living Office - 生活辦公室

<<Living Office>> is people-oriented modern office design concept. In addition to taking into account the elements people want, Living Office insists on meeting the needs of individuals or businesses for their unique uses, nature and activities, and the office and event space is an important element of this design. Living Office will provide tailor-made office environment planning solutions to meet different needs. The concept is to think "more like a home." 
<<生活辦公室>> 是以人為本的現代辦公設計理念。 除了考慮到人們想要的元素之外,生活辦公室還堅持滿足個人或企業的獨特用途,性質和活動需求,辦公室和活動空間是這一設計的重要元素。 生活辦公室將提供量身定制的辦公環境規劃解決方案,以滿足不同的需求。 這個概念是認為“更像是一個家”。